I get a little dismayed when I see travel site after travel site where the people are going on wilderness treks, venturing into developing countries, or backpacking across mountain ranges.

I’m so not that person.

My husband would tell you that I face enough hazards in the back yard. He usually makes such a comment when he finds me covered in dirt, every gardening utensil we own scattered about and a green garbage bag bursting with debris.

That’s why I think any trip can be an adventure if you want.

Merriam-Webster defines adventure as, “an exciting or dangerous experience. Or a remarkable experience.” I’m voting on exciting and remarkable over dangerous every time.

I’m not into danger at home (at least according to me), why would I seek it out on a vacation that’s supposed to be relaxing? Makes no sense to me but more power to you if that’s your thrill.

I don’t need to go hiking in a war-torn country or a place where human life isn’t highly valued in order to feel like I’m having an escapade. If I were that brave, I’d have joined the military.

Even online articles about the Pembrokeshire Coast Path will often launch (pun intended) with the offering of Coast Steering. No part of me wants to scramble up rugged boulders, jump off the side of a cliff and plunge into the water for a swim. Nope.

Do I want to walk alongside cliffs and gaze in wonder at rock formations, pounding or soothing water moving in and out from shore? You betcha’.

Welsh Rock Climbing, Pembrokeshire

Welsh Rock Climbing (my version), Pembrokeshire

Mostly, I’m addicted to historical places with castles, gothic churches, and hiking areas. So far my journeys are to European destinations or throughout the USA. I’ve been to Mexico (Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta), the Bahamas and Saint Maarten.

These places aren’t dangerous unless you venture off the beaten path (Mexican jungles, Hawaiian lava fields, for instance) or into the bad city areas (anywhere) as long as you keep your wits about you and pay attention to people. We pay attention. Hence, our traveling is not typically dangerous.

Adventures of this Broad Abroad have included hiking in Wales, Italy, Germany, Hawaii, and lots of other states. I’ve explored museums in those places and in France, Belgium, Spain, and England. All these locations held thrills for this country girl, who considers it a great gift to travel. Other than having to keep a look out for pickpockets, my trips haven’t been treacherous. And I’m okay with that.

There are pleasures to be found and remarkable experiences to be had each time you step away from the normal of your everyday life.

Walking new paths, wherever they may be, opens you up to new emotions, new memories and forever leaves impressions upon your heart and soul.

How do you define an adventure?

Glacier Lake Hike, Red Lodge, Montana

Glacier Lake Hike, Red Lodge, Montana