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Book Review: The Last Fighter Pilot

The Last Fighter Pilot is the thrilling story covering a part of Captain Jerry Yellin’s time in the war from March – August 1945–V-J Day. Having already felt the depth of Captain Yellin’s experiences by reading Of War & Weddings, I expected that emotional connection to play a large role in his collaboration with author Don Brown.

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Book Review: Of War & Weddings

Jerry Yellin was a captain and fighter pilot going on many missions throughout the Pacific and over Japan. He is the last fighter pilot to fly a combat mission as the war was coming to a close. This is the remarkable story of how a World War II Veteran of the Pacific makes peace with the nation and people of Japan decades after the war.

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World War II Veterans at Pearl Harbor, 75th Anniversary

Gary Sinise was the Grand Marshall for the parade on Oahu for the 75th commemorative events of Pearl Harbor. He gave a brief and humble speech. One of the reasons he created his foundation was that in addition to his dad, he had two uncles in the military. If you want to understand more about the vast reach of this foundation (nine different programs!), please check out the foundation’s site.

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Book Review: D-Day: The Battle for Normandy

Antony Beevor’s approach was unique–he gathered information from every military force, and I think non-military, involved in the entire D-Day campaign. In so doing, he gave a 360 viewpoint of what was happening at each step of this complex battle. I had to keep reminding myself that these leaders did not have drones and cell phones and

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Experiencing the Pearl Harbor Museum and The Arizona Memorial

The Pearl Harbor Museum takes at least two hours to go through—three if you want to be very thorough and read everything. You can rent headsets that have additional information about specific displays. It’s a good idea for your first visit. The, “If you had been on O’ahu, these faces may have been familiar,” display immediately makes you think of the people on that day.

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