I observe. A lot.

My sister, Seester, is always telling me I think too much and have too many ideas, and by the way would I stop spouting off about them already, I’m making her head spin. She’s my best friend, so she says it with humor.

Most of the time.

The BFF who keeps me in line (me on left; Seester on right).I observe constantly and ask questions about what I observe. It’s not being judgmental that makes me ask; it’s a true desire to know, to understand what I’m seeing. If something in my blogging offends you, if something I jabber about strikes you wrong; it wasn’t intended to do so. It’s just me asking a million questions like an uncontrolled three-year old and spouting off opinions like a quartet of old men playing poker.

There you have it—read on if you want to, but if the ride I’m on drives you nuts, I warned you.