As an avid reader, I review books on Goodreads and Amazon. I try to be honest and fair in my critiquing–as I hope readers will be when my mystery hits the shelves. I don’t expect to like every book nor do I expect to be liked by every reader. What I do expect when I pick up a book is to find good writing.

I love reading, relishing the words on the paper and especially when those words make me want to turn page after page. Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s books have brought me to tears, the Richard Castle Nikki Heat books make me chuckle, the Pendergast books from Preston & Child keep me awake at night. All of them and so many more writers…need more time, more time, more time to read!

Here’s to sharing some of my favorite authors:

Jim Beaver – Life’s That Way

Antony Beevor – D-Day: The Battle for Normandy

Michael Connelly – multiple novels

Anne Morrow Lindbergh – multiple books

Emerging Authors:

R. William Bennett – Jacob T. Marley

Susan P. Cooper – Lessons From An Ordinary Life: Childhood

Doreen Pendgracs – Chocolatour

Duncan Simpson – The History of Things to Come, The Devil’s Architect

Jeri Walker – Two Yosemites: A Travelogue Book

Captain Jerry Yellin – Of War and Weddings


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