Book Review: 100 Best True Stories of World War II

This collection of stories is for any World War II history buff, for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of what our WWII Vets went through, and for any reader who wants to be thrilled and emotionally connected to the people she reads about.

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Book Review: The Letter

My copy of the paperback, as happens with books that stir my mind, is dog-eared and notated throughout.

The premise is a letter delivered upon the death of a woman where she tells an elderly man that he has a son—a son raised with a Christian fervor that excludes every other religion as inferior and requiring elimination.

The catch? The elderly man is Jewish.

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Book Review: Two Kinds of Truth

Bosch is still working as a volunteer detective with the San Fernando Police Department, where they’re called to the double vicious murder of father and son pharmacists. Current case in place, Bosch is also dealing with the newly contested conviction of a cruel killer he put away thirty years ago. Step into the story and enjoy a speedy, twisted ride.

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Book Review: The Sweet Life in Paris

Here’s a quote from near the end of the book:

“What helped was that I understand the food and tried my best to adapt to the culture, rather than trying to make the culture adapt to me. More important, though, I learned to take the time to get to know people, especially the vendors and merchants, who would patiently explain their wares to me.”

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