Just call me DOTS – Defender of The Siblings

There were times over the years when I wanted to slap each of my siblings—as I completely acknowledge they wanted to slap me—but let an outsider speak a belittling word to me about them and you’ve just launched a battle of epic proportions.

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Do You See Kindness as a Strength?

When there is a difficult person in your life with whom you have to interact, do you immediately go on the warpath or do you take a deep breath and say to yourself, I’m going to kill them with kindness?

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Surrendering Your Heart to the Moments

I love the Internet. I love email. The fact that I can say hello to five friends across the US, in Canada, in Europe and perhaps have only minutes go by before I hear back from them is a gift. I can let them know that I’m thinking of them right … now … when a phone call isn’t always possible. What blessing.

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Book Reviews

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Philip Jones, Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Philip Jones, Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Grief & Loss

grief is losing your parents


Laughing like children

Dad with his beloved granddaughter--two peas in a pod

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