Just call me DOTS – Defender of The Siblings

There were times over the years when I wanted to slap each of my siblings—as I completely acknowledge they wanted to slap me—but let an outsider speak a belittling word to me about them and you’ve just launched a battle of epic proportions.

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Snotnose 38 — a Childhood Trauma That Shaped Me

Kids are mean. I know this. I know that today in our society, bullying has reached epic proportions. The internet has exacerbated the problem. I’ve no idea how I would have turned out if some of my more humiliating moments had been captured on video and sent around cyberspace.

It was bad enough having my less than shining moments shared (and remembered to this day) among the dozen cousins that occupied my stratosphere. In our neighborhood, growing up on the dead-end known as Griffith Road in Griffith Hollow, nothing was off limits. We tortured each other and played and fought and played and fought some more.

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