by Terdema Ussery

With chapter titles such as “Jesus, Sin, Death, Prayer, Faith” and several others, ABCs of Christianity as a reference is a great book to have on your shelf.

ABCs of Christianity

ABCs of Christianity

I think with the continual citing of specific bible passages to support what the chapter is about, for a new Christian, this would be a good starting place to connecting with Christ. Mr. Ussery provides advice about how to approach using this book and leaves open to you which version of the bible to read–from app to hardbound. Whatever you find easiest to follow.

The chapter on prayer is helpful–covering what prayer is, asking & receiving, seeking & finding, knocking & opportunity, why pray, to not pray is a sin, how to pray (important note here is that even the disciplines wanted to learn to pray), where to pray, unanswered prayer, does God answer all prayer, and a wonderful breakdown of The Lord’s Prayer.

If you, or a friend, is embarking on the Christian journey, this might be the perfect gift.

Note: I received this book for free from FaithWords for an honest review.