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Heart Mountain, Wyoming is more than a lovely name, it’s history

The geological formation of Heart Mountain is part of the Absaroka Range and a uniquely shaped rugged crest in northern Wyoming. Located near Cody and Powell it’s due east of Yellowstone Park. In early to mid-summer, luscious green fields and hazel rolling hills lead up to it. You can see the rise of Heart Mountain above the other ridges whether you’re driving on Route 72 from Red Lodge, Montana or on Route 14 between the two Wyoming towns. You can hike and camp nearby, enjoying the great outdoors. The Japanese Americans who came to Heart Mountain because of FDR’s...

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Book Review: The Last Fighter Pilot

The Last Fighter Pilot: The True Story of the Final Combat Mission of World War by Captain Jerry Yellin and Don Brown I read this book on a road trip to Washington, DC to witness a Veteran V-J day tribute. It was hard not to read the entire book out loud to my husband. It’s an adventure story that the reader has to continue to remember is a TRUE story, not fiction. Everyone with the slightest interest in the Pacific battles of WWII should read this book. Anyone who wants to support our WWII veterans should read this book....

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Badlands, South Dakota…Eerie, Majestic, and Grand

With echoes of the 1996 sister trip through the Badlands still resounding in my head, it was a must-stop when husband and I drove west in June. The South Dakota Badlands vary from any other rock formations I’ve seen in these vast states of ours. They jut up from the earth like the Grand Teton in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and yet are completely unlike that sharp mountain. Teton springs skyward, at least from the Jackson Hole side, a rugged triangle set on a flat surface—no rolling hills leading to it—  standing there proudly 7,000 feet above the valley, calling...

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Road tripping to the American west when you live in the east

Road trips are an American passion. Once upon a time when I worked for a German-owned company, my foreign colleagues were baffled at why I didn’t know what was going on in Nevada, Illinois, Texas…basically anywhere that wasn’t the east coast. I tried to explain the size of our nation to them, but what I should have done was send them on a road trip. Decades ago, I drove from Pennsylvania to California, which was quite a journey. This summer, my husband and I drove from Pennsylvania to Montana—a trip I’ve made a number of times and in as...

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Tips for Renting a Vacation Home in Small Town America

Enjoy your vacation rental! I’ll start with a disclaimer, that this is the first house I’ve rented in the USA—Montana—and that I have a personal affiliation with Red Lodge Rentals. My friend owns it and my sister works there. Yes, I like and trust them. Tips: Research your town and decide why you want to stay there. Having lived in Red Lodge, Montana for several years, I picked it out of eagerness for my husband to experience summer in this place I love so very much. Go to local websites—from the Chamber of Commerce to restaurants and hotels. You’ll...

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