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Desert Museum & Gate’s Pass in Saguaro National Forest

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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum The name, for me, was a misnomer. I heard museum and dressed for indoors. It wasn’t until we arrived that I learned 95% of the museum is outside. Makes sense for a desert, eh? Be warned and … Read More

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh

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One of the best things about Pittsburgh has to be this group of museums: Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Museum of Art, The Andy Warhol Museum, and the Carnegie Science Center. On a brisk winter’s day, drive to the … Read More

Women’s Equality in Advertising

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Last month, I was sick for almost two weeks. Couch bound, too tired to extend the extreme effort (heavy sigh) of loading and unloading DVDs, I watched DVR shows and live TV. Aren’t DVRs the best because we can zap … Read More

In The Moment, Hiking Hawaiian Lava Fields

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On the Big Island, we hiked on lava fields made by a volcano. That’s such a simple sentence, isn’t it? We hiked. It happened to be that we walked on bumpy, rocky land that was formed by a volcano exploding more … Read More

Book Review – Duncan Simpson: The Devil’s Architect

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Straight from the start, The Devil’s Architect follows the pace and thrills found in the first of the trilogy: The History of Things to Come. Mr. Simpson continues to write in an eloquent style missing from most fiction these days. … Read More

Hotel Follow Up…as it Applies to Life

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Why do hotels wait until you’re checking out to ask: How was everything? What’s the point? I believe the Marriott properties are the only ones we’ve been in where they actually ask that question throughout your stay. What’s the point … Read More