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Hotel Follow Up…as it Applies to Life

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Why do hotels wait until you’re checking out to ask: How was everything? What’s the point? I believe the Marriott properties are the only ones we’ve been in where they actually ask that question throughout your stay. What’s the point … Read More

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia – Charming Even in December

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Walking just off King Street, we came across an Asian man rolling a legless round table down the sidewalk. It was a lovely honey oak and he saw me admiring it. He asked if we wanted to buy it and … Read More

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC

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Holocaust Memorial Museum. This is a difficult building to visit. For four hours it was difficult. We tried to do this Memorial years ago and went through part of the changing exhibit. By the time we were done, we were … Read More

Dining Delights on the Island of Maui

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In Lahaina, walking along a side street a young woman asked us to look at a lovely little knife she bought as a gift for The One for their first Christmas together. This random encounter gives a connection to a … Read More

Haleakala National Park and Rainbows, Maui

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It’s more than brisk on the top of Maui. Even if you’re driving on a hot afternoon from one of the fabulous beaches, be prepared for the cold at the summit of the Haleakala volcano. It is a bone-chilling, Montana … Read More

Stunning Tour of the Magnificent Iolani Palace

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Tours are a great way to get the behind the scenes stories of a place. And the docent makes all the difference. Willie Moore (former Attorney General for the State in the 1950s) made our time at the Iolani Palace … Read More